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Co-op news from Kimberly Kent

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By Kimberly Kent
Trip to Crowe's Nest Farm

Trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm

It is an exciting time to be at the co-op. Kids, parents, teachers and staff are all very busy. I am constantly amazed at how our community members help when and where they are needed. Because we have fewer families than in past years this has been essential. Many families have taken time out of their morning to come and prepare the playground. Almost daily, I see families offering to help out with childcare. Sometimes it is just holding a baby during drop off.

However, there are days when I see parents take an extra child home with them to allow someone to be the helping parent. I also have walked into the kitchen several times to find a parent washing the dishes when they are not even the helping parent! To me these parents are the “dish fairies”. It is these little things that make us a strong community.

Questions and Answers

Where is the dish washer?

We did look into getting a commercial dish washer over the summer. Commercial dishwashers are much more expensive than regular dishwasher. In addition, the installation is regulated by city codes and requires major plumbing and ventilation changes. The plumbing cost of installing a commercial dishwasher would be astronomical.

What is the Staff doing in Atlanta?

The teachers are attending the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) National Conference and Expo. This is the largest early education conference in the world. Our teachers will be attending numerous presentations and information sessions focused on early childhood.

Trip to Crowe's Nest Farm

Trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm

If you have any questions or concerns I would love to discuss them with you.


Kimberly Kent
Co-op Board President, 2012-2013