site_paintingThe helping parents typically provide snack.  Snack time is an enjoyable time providing opportunities for children to learn about food, develop new motor skills, increase dexterity, and develop language and social skills through conversation. They learn about counting, colors, shapes, amounts, smells, temperatures, and tastes. While feeding themselves, children use fine motor skills and learn self-help strategies.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing the snack:

  • Snack should support the healthy learning environment of AACNS. Snack should consist of two to three choices from the snack list. Snack should be nutritious and low in sugar, salt, and other additives. No meat is allowed. Please read the list of snack suggestions for more information, ideas, and inspiration. The children only drink water with snack.
  • The helping parent must record snack on the sign in sheet. At the end of the month these sheets are filed in the office and available for inspection during the annual Texas Department of Family and Protective Services visit.
  • AACNS provides washable cups, plates, utensils, water pitchers, and napkins. Snack is usually served family style. Helping parents are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all items used for snack.
  • AACNS must have written approval from a physician or a registered or licensed dietitian in the child’s record if the child is on a therapeutic or special diet defined by the Minimum Standards Section 746.3311a. Parents of children who have therapeutic or special diets will provide snack for their child.
  • At the start of the school year, the names of any children with allergies and the nature of the allergy will be posted in each classroom.
  • Birthdays and holidays are special days in the classroom. The helping parent may wish to provide a special snack. However, the same guidelines need to be followed. See list of snack suggestions for special snack ideas.
  • Licensing regulations require that the co-op inform all enrolled families that because parents will be providing snack for each class, the school “is not responsible for its nutritional value or meeting the child’s daily food needs.” (Standard 746.3309)

Snack Suggestions

apples cucumbers pretzels almond butter
bananas snap peas crackers yogurt
cherries carrots sweet potato fries black beans
clementines zucchini veggie straws cheese
peaches celery quinoa hummus
plums salsa muffins seeds
blueberries broccoli mini bagels tahini
strawberries bell peppers granola cashew butter
raspberries tomatoes rice cakes kidney beans
blackberries snow peas applesauce edamame
apricots string beans fruit leathers trail mix
melon spinach(dip) Lara Bars cheese sticks
dried fruit yellow squash baked tortilla chips nuts
pears salad granola bars cream cheese
pineapple pita oranges guacamole