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site_sandAll Austin Cooperative Nursery School (AACNS or more fondly, “The Co-op”) is a play-based part-time preschool located in Central Austin, Texas.  A community of parents, teachers, and children created and support the program together to provide high-quality experiential learning for our children in a secular environment.

Our non-profit school is a true cooperative, run by a board made up of parents, the director, the teachers, and members of the Austin community. Each family is responsible for a support job, and parents take turns assisting the teacher in the classroom. While our children are learning by playing together, we parents are learning too, by sharing information and by following the supportive guidance of our teachers.

A group of progressive parents established the All Austin Cooperative in 1953 as one of the first interracial and intercultural schools in the state. We are proud to continue this tradition, drawing together families from many different backgrounds and from all over the city of Austin.

Today, we make these promises to our community:
We promise to LISTEN to children;
We promise to JOURNEY with children on paths they choose; and
We promise to CREATE COMMUNITY that supports children and their families.