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Call to A(u)ction!

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An Update & Ask Regarding the All Austin Cooperative Nursery School Spring Silent Auction
March 2022 – Event Details Coming Soon

Greetings from the Co-op! If you’re anything like us, you’ve been reflecting on how different this winter feels compared to last year. Once again, our children are playing and collaborating in classrooms. Parents are enjoying chatting with each other at pick up and are forming new friendships. As we celebrate a new year, we’re feeling especially grateful for this amazing community.

At the Co-op, community is the heart and soul of the school. Every family volunteers their time in the classroom and in various support roles. Parents work alongside the teachers and staff and get to know each other’s children, which creates a wonderful sense of camaraderie. It is this very feeling of togetherness that draws people to our school. When a family joins the Co-op, they recognize that they must work together with other parents to ensure that the school runs smoothly. We are all in this together! And in this same spirit, we also share the responsibility of making sure that teachers and staff have all they need to continue providing this exemplary education to our kids. This is where our annual fundraiser—the silent auction—comes in.

Each year, the parents that make up the Fundraising Committee have hosted a silent auction. This is the primary fundraising event for the Co-op, and funds raised support new classroom supplies, staff development, and even tuition assistance. Our school relies on these funds to continue the great work being done in our classrooms throughout the year.

We also rely on the generosity of our alumni families and members of our greater Austin community. In years past, local businesses have provided gift baskets, gift cards, and other interesting items to feature in the auction. Are you a business owner, or do you know one who would be interested in participating in our March 2022 silent auction? If so, please complete our silent auction donation form or contact us through our website. 

As a non-profit, cooperative school, we depend on the ongoing support of our generous community. We hope to offer you lots of exciting auction items in the spring, but until then, you’re always welcome to donate your tax deductible contribution through the school website here or the silent auction website here. Thank you for your continued partnership; we are beyond thankful.

Wishing you a very happy new year!