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Call to A(u)ction!

An Update & Ask Regarding the All Austin Cooperative Nursery School Spring Silent AuctionMarch 2022 – Event Details Coming Soon Greetings from the Co-op! If you’re anything like us, you’ve been reflecting on how different this winter feels compared to last year. Once again, our children are playing and collaborating in classrooms. Parents are enjoying chatting with each other at pick up and are
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Training at the Co-op

All Austin Co-op was the destination for a group of UT students on a field trip. Graduate students enrolled in Major Theorists in Early Childhood were studying Loris Malaguzzi and the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. Their professor, Dr. Jennifer Adair, wanted her students to see the Co-op and hear from our experienced teachers. The students toured the classrooms and outdoor area, discussed the philosophy and
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What Is It?

By Kerry Drake A long, long, long time ago I was a preschooler working with tempera paint. Though it was years ago, I have a distinct memory of one particular painting session. Here is the memory: I was working at the easel. I remember being by myself and very engaged by the different colored paint lines on the paper. I remember studying the shapes
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News from Emily’s classroom

By Emily Vorspan Around six weeks ago I was sitting with a few children on the playground where we began a conversation about how and why rattlesnakes use their rattle. A few days later the children listened to a Native American story “Baby Rattlesnake” about a young rattlesnake who misuses its rattle and in the end it is stepped on and crushed. The next
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Thanks from the Atlanta National Conference

By Kerry Drake On election night, the staff landed in Atlanta, Georgia, for the National Association of the Education of the Young Child Conference. All of us felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to the National Conference. This year, staff continuing-education hour requirements almost doubled, taking us to 24 hours of continuing education. Take me seriously when I say it is
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Gender Discussion with Maaike’s Class Parents

By Liz Belile Back before school started, I was helping Maaike paint her room a lovely, androgynous shade of purple, and we got to talking about feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s visit to Austin. Soon my secret past as a Women’s Studies undergrad and feminist activist came to light, and we began discussing gender as it might relate to preschoolers. Maaike thought it would make
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Co-op news from Kimberly Kent

By Kimberly Kent It is an exciting time to be at the co-op. Kids, parents, teachers and staff are all very busy. I am constantly amazed at how our community members help when and where they are needed. Because we have fewer families than in past years this has been essential. Many families have taken time out of their morning to come and prepare
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Welcome to the Blog

By Pat Sefton Welcome to our brand new blog. The intent is to present current relevant communication from the staff and board of AACNS. Hopefully the casual ability to post when inspired will keep you informed of things you might not otherwise know. I am more familiar with blurbs then blogs so my first entry will be random thoughts as we jump into this
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